Opinion: Lilacs a sign of summer more welcome this year than others

The repeated, four-note riff coupled with characteristic distortion signals the start of one of Jimi Hendrix’s earliest tunes. Purple Haze. For people of “a certain age” (that’s me), those four notes are as instantly recognizable as the first four notes of Beethoven’s 5th. Purple haze also indicates the beginning of

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Reflections on my time with the Saeed family

In my position as lead writer and editor in chief here at Kingstonist, I receive multiple press releases on a daily basis, sometimes on an hourly basis. I try to sort them into different files – upcoming events, things that must be covered immediately, things I want to throw to

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Community Soapbox: When candidates come knocking, here’s what to ask them

Written by Brandon Tozzo Kingston’s municipal election is in October, and most campaigns are just getting off the ground. Thus far, unlike the casino in the last election, there doesn’t seem to be a major city-wide issue for voters. Prospective councillors and mayors will come knocking at your door in

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