Barnum and Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth” Comes to Kingston, 1895

The circus is coming! Later in January Cirque de Soleil will be coming to Kingston which provides us with the opportunity to reflect on past visits from other travelling performers who have stopped in our fair city. This photo is of the Barnum and Bailey Circus arriving in Kingston: they

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Most Anticipated Winter Events in Kingston

2013 concluded in dramatic fashion in Kingston as a segment of Williamsville was devastated by a massive fire, and then Limestone City was forced to endure a cataclysmic ice storm that rivaled the 1998 version in terms of city-wide damage. The aftermath is glaringly apparent two weeks later with impassable

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Friday Foto

Happy Friday everyone. For those of you who are wondering about today’s featured photo, it shows off one of the many colourful yarn bombs that have been dropped in downtown Kingston over the past few months.  The first yarnstorm that caught my attention was at Skeleton Park, where one of

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