Hall Monitor: Full House

Council met last night for meeting 21-2012 of Kingston City Council. I’ve joked about not commenting on meeting lengths before, but this was going to be a long one – and we knew it. You can find the agenda and addeds on the city’s website. The meeting last night was as busy

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Hall Monitor: House of Cards

You know, council in the summer is interesting. The meetings are less frequent, just as long… and people are hot and wanting to go home. This was just as clear in last night’s meeting 18-2012 as ever. You can find the agenda and addeds on the city’s website. The meeting got

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What if Kingston…

Over the past few months we’ve watched numerous developments take shape such as bike lanes and the Montreal Street Park and Ride, while we’ve also learned of priority projects including long overdue lane extensions and the third crossing. While these initiatives are similar as they relate to how we move

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