CAO Lanie Hurdle addresses Belle Park bylaw enforcement

The City of Kingston’s senior manager, CAO Lanie Hurdle, said she wants to directly address the public’s questions following the removal of a settlement in Belle Park on Tuesday. “There have been a number of questions brought up in news reports and onsocial media about the end of the Belle

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Greater Napanee Council moves to investigate past property sales

The Town of Greater Napanee has passed a unanimous motion to investigate the sale of municipally-owned property going back up to ten years. The motion passed at a special council meeting on Tuesday, Jul. 21, following the release of a citizen’s investigation into suspected favouritism in a municipal property sale

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Former City of Kingston CAO Gerard Hunt passes away

The former CAO of the City of Kingston, Gerard Hunt, has passed away after a battle with illness that caused him to step down from the position in July of 2019. Hunt had served as the City CAO for 10 years prior to stepping down, providing “excellent leadership” and “valuable

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