NDP leader stops in Kingston with clear message: get out and vote

Sunny skies were overhead as the leader of the New Democratic Party’s bus rolled into Lake Ontario Park to a chorus of “NDP! NDP! NDP!” on Thursday, Sep 16, 2021, just five minutes later than expected at 4:20 pm. Jagmeet Singh made the campaign stop in Kingston in support of

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PC ‘Invoice’ fundraising campaign causes confusion and anger

Update (Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021) Vincent O’Connell, of Belleville, emailed his Conservative MPP Todd Smith, Bay of Quinte, at his address [email protected] expressing concern over the invoice mail out. However, the response he received was not what he expected and was not from Smith, O’Connell said. “Our office is not

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A letter to political hopefuls

Dear Aspiring Politician, As the spouse of a Liberal supporter, I have a few things to say to those of you on the campaign trail. In my home there are two voters, myself and my husband. That means there are two opinions you may be able to sway. Personally, I

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