Kingston businesses offering free home delivery during the pandemic

It is not “business as usual” for many bricks and mortar establishments these days. Those with products have been scrambling to find ways to continue selling their wares to their customers. Below is a collection of local businesses who offer free delivery to their clients. It is by no means

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Kingston Frameworks becomes family business

Kingston Frameworks has been a fixture in downtown Kingston since 1982. Thirty seven years ago, Wayne Morris opened the storefront at 198 Princess Street, offering the citizens of Kingston a place to look after their art and memories. While attending Queen’s University, Wayne worked part-time at Camera Kingston. He had

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New life for old cameras at Cash for Cameras event

  Many years ago, there was a humble camera that was loved by its family in Kingston. The camera loved its family back, as it shared in their precious moments: birthdays, holidays, milestones, and everyday glimpses of life itself. It was getting older though, and newer models were introduced. The

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