Best Birthday Cake in Kingston

For most people, the perfect birthday consists of three essential elements: time spent with loved ones, a nice gift or two, and a generous slice of cake. With Kingstonist’s ninth birthday coming up this week, this got us thinking about who makes the best birthday cake in Kingston. Similar to

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Best Pies in Kingston

October marks the end of the season for Ontario grown berries and fruits, however many of which are still being baked into delectable treats ranging from cookies and muffins, to pastries and loaves. In spite of my best efforts to stay away from such sugary delights, on certain special occasions

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Kingston’s Best Signature Dish

Philadelphia is known for its cheesesteak.  Belgium is the birthplace of waffles.  And Quebec lays claim to first combining french fries, cheese curds and gravy.  While not every city in the world can claim responsibility for creating popular menu items, they each have unique and interesting restaurants, public markets, bakeries,

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