DSF Birth Story Winner – Dear Diary: October 1979

For the third year, the Birth Story Writing Contest held by the Doula Support Foundation (DSF) brought a wealth of moving birth stories. By sharing birth stories, DSF offers a realistic view of what giving birth really is, to generate solidarity among birthers and maternity care professionals and create a positive culture

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Birth Sharing Circle

Holding space and being heard Join us on Zoom to gather with other birthing people and mothers to share the story of how your little one came into this world. Birth stories are as unique as the babies and mamas that unite them, and the experience of hearing others and

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DSF to showcase winners of their Birth Story Contest with a Birth Sharing Circle

The Doula Support Foundation is holding a free online event, the Birth Sharing Circle, to celebrate writers, birthers, and birth workers. This event will showcase the winners of Doula Support Foundation’s Birth Story Contest. The Birth Sharing Circle will be held on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020. Reserve a spot through

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