Kingston Police provide tips on using cryptocurrency safely

As the value of cryptocurrencies reach new highs, Kingston Police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) wish to remind Canadians to recognize that fraudsters also seek to benefit from the growing interest in crypto currency markets. According to a release from Kingston Police, dated Monday, Feb. 1, 2021, data breaches,

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Police offer cybersecurity tips for telehealth users

Telehealth is a way for health providers to diagnose, treat, and communicate with patients remotely, by phone or video. While Telehealth may be an effective alternative to a typical doctor’s appointment, Kingston Police are warning it could also be a quick and easy way for cybercriminals to find targets. Kingston

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45 & Thrive: Gym efficiencies, best practices (and a few no-noes)

If you’ve followed this column for a while, or taken a look at previous articles or blog posts on 45 & Thrive, you’ve probably noticed that I am a strong proponent of efficiency and effectiveness with respect to training and exercise. Minimum Effective Dose (MED), functional strength training, and recognition

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