‘CT Survivors Connect’ wins Awesome Kingston June grant

Last week, CT Survivors Connect was awarded the June grant from Awesome Kingston. The $1,000 micro-grant supports local projects the Awesome Kingston trustees think will help keep Kingston awesome. CT Survivors Connect is a support group/service for conversion therapy (CT) survivors. Ben Rodgers, himself a survivor of conversion therapy, created

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Kingston City Council passes ban on ‘conversion therapy’

Kingston City Council has passed a motion to ban the practice of conversion therapy within the municipality. “I think in June, when we see the pedestrian crossing [outside City Hall] painted the colours of the rainbow, I think we can with pride know that we’ve really earned that privilege,” said

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Kingston City Council to discuss motion to denounce conversion therapy

At their meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021, City Council will discuss a motion to denounce the practice of conversion therapy throughout the City of Kingston. The new motion, brought forward by Councillor Bridget Doherty, seeks to support the federal bill to criminalize the practice, Bill C-6, An Act to

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