What would you do if you met Donald Trump?

What would you do if you met the President of the United States? A few years ago, this would have been an easy answer, at least for many in Canada who seem to love the Democrats. A handshake or hug, maybe even a dose of fan girl or boy, as

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Guide to Halloween in Kingston in 2009

The night of the living dead, cutesy trick or treaters, and drunken costumed fools is fast approaching.  Three sleeps away to be exact.  While some of us have been hard at work deciding on and fabricating the perfect costume, others may need some assistance regarding their outfit, and the best

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Solar Power to the Rescue!

In case you skipped my post last week regarding how the new US President’s policies might impact Kingston, you may have missed a little gem that was hidden in the paragraph concerning the environment. Utilities Kingston is now offering customers the option of going solar. Well, not entirely. Essentially, they

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