PEC OPP warn of ongoing phone scam

According to a release from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), dated Friday, Jan. 15, 2021, the Prince Edward County Detachment has received a number of reports of a phone scam.  Individuals have reported receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be representatives of the government working for ‘Ontario Home Protection’,

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Kingston Police warn of internet rebate scams

Internet-based criminals posing as trustworthy sources has prompted Kingston Police to warn the public of a new scam where fraudsters trick people into thinking that they have earned a reimbursement or a rebate. According to Kingston Police, the scam aims to collect banking or credit card information. The scammer will

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Kingston Police warn of new Gmail calendar phishing scam

If you use Google’s free calendar service to schedule business or personal events, keep an eye out for the fake notifications currently going around. According to Kingston Police, scammers are using unsolicited Google Calendar notifications in an attempt to trick users into clicking phishing links. The scammers can then steal

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