Queen’s Arts and Science undergraduate programs to be taught online

Queen’s University announced Thursday, May 21, 2020 a decision to deliver Arts and Science undergraduate programs remotely for the fall term starting in September 2020.  “We are committed to protecting the health of all members of our Faculty, and to providing equitable access to learning for all students,” says a

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Queen’s program hopes to solve the work-experience paradox for grads

It has long been a paradox — employers want experience in a candidate before they’ll hire, but how does a new arts or humanities graduate earn that experience before they get a job? A program at Queen’s University, preparing for its third year, seems to have found the the answer.

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Apprenticeship program offers jump start to recent grads, local businesses

It’s arguably one of the most challenging times in a person’s life, and a time that can crucial to the trajectory of their career: those first few years following post-secondary education. It’s a time when many recent graduates find themselves in limbo, floating in that place where potential employers are

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