City urges flood preparedness ahead of rainy forecast

The City of Kingston is urging residents who live in flood-prone areas to be prepared, as weather authorities are forecasting heavy rainfall for Kingston and the area. According to the City, the Cataraqui Reion Conservation Authority does not expect widespread flooding at this time, but The Weather Network is forecasting

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A moment of sarcastic joy: A professional gardener shares her biggest pet peeves

Originally, this article was supposed to come out to all of you a few weeks ago. I was going to write about starting seeds for your spring vegetable and flower gardens. It is amazing how on-point that article would have been. I never wrote that article and have not had

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Kingston Muslim community leaders encourage support for local food bank

By the calendar, Ramadan is set to begin this year on Thursday, Apr. 23. On a typical year, the beginning of Ramadan would also mark the kick off an international campaign of locally-based charitable giving by an organization called Give 30. The Muslim community in Kingston is an active part

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