Guide to The 2009 Limestone City Blues Festival

Next week is the 13th annual Limestone City Blues Festival. The music will be spread throughout downtown, both indoors and out, while the opening night will feature a show at the K-Rock Centre. As a Kingston musician who likes to think she can play the blues, I will give you

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The New Bar Scene

Kingston has a pretty happenin’ bar scene, with the Hub (Alehouse aka AJ’s, Stages, The Brass, The Griz and Elixir) drawing huge crowds night after night, while other downtown establishments (The Iron Duke , Brew Pub, Tir Na Nog, Merchant , and Joy) chorale the rest of Kingston’s age of

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Anything but Shameless

There is some really great music going on in this town. I’ve been reluctant to say that too often because I am a musician in Kingston and wouldn’t want to seem biased. But it just has to be said. The Kingston music scene is absolutely hopping and I want to

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