Reckless driving and speeding past police station leads to short pursuit and arrest

Squealing his tires and accelerating quickly past Kingston Police Headquarters wasn’t the wisest decision for a Richmond man who was promptly arrested for impaired driving, among other things.

At approximately 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, the accused man drew attention to himself with his reckless driving out front of the police station, according to a press release from Kingston Police. Officers in the parking lot saw the man continue speeding northbound on Division Street, and quickly followed him.

Officers caught up with the speeding driver as he was turning onto the eastbound ramp of Highway 401. Police conducted a traffic stop and observed behaviour from the accused which indicated he’d been drinking.

The man refused for open his door and exit his vehicle. An officer was able to unlock one door, and the accused decided to crawl out of the passenger’s side of the vehicle, Kingston Police said. The accused was then arrested. During a search, officers found a quantity of suspected marijuana in the pocket of the accused man.

The man was then transported the short distance to Kingston Police Headquarters, where he refused to provide a suitable breath sample. The 35-year-old man is charged with: impaired driving, failing to provide a breath sample, possession of a controlled substance, and breach of recognizance. His driver’s licence is automatically suspended for 90 days, and he will face a one-year suspension if convicted. The man’s vehicle was seized and impounded for seven days, and he will be responsible for all related fees and fines.

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