Who was Kingston’s best member of council (2014-2018)?

Front row (left to right): Adam Candon, Mary Rita Holland, Jeff McLaren, Peter Stroud, Jim Neill, Liz Schell and Ryan Boehme.
Back row (left to right): Gary Oosterhof, Kevin George, Bryan Paterson, Lisa Osanic, Laura Turner and Rob Hutchison.
Submitted photo.

With the municipal election less than three months away and the campaign about to hit full stride, it’s a great time to evaluate the current council’s performance.

In the last four years, councillors have debated, voted, and voiced their opinions on a variety of hot local topics: the third crossing, high-rise developments downtown, expanding Norman Rogers Airport, adding a deep-water dock downtown, Queen’s street parties, a variety of developments and re-developments in all corners of the city, the sale of the Bailey Broom Factory, and much more.

There certainly has been controversy as well. Councillors Candon, Holland, and Stroud all managed to get themselves in trouble this term. Trillium representative and real estate agent Adam Candon was found to have placed himself in conflict when he voted in favour of the Capitol Condos project. Holland and Stroud were both chastised for heading to a pub during a debate over the third crossing. Stroud was in hot water a second time when staff found him in violation of the code of conduct for using strong language about “irresponsible land owners” in his home district of Sydenham.

Countryside councillor Richard Allen resigned part way through the term to take a job with Frontenac County, forcing a by-election in that district. Gary Oosterhof came out as the victor to serve on council for a little more than a year.

So, our questions to you: which councillor has done the best job, been the most entertaining, or the most controversial?  Please, please be nice to each other and to the politicians. Please. Vote, and let us know, nicely, in the comments!

Which member of council has done the best job during the 2014 to 2018 term?

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Who has been the most entertaining member of council duringthe 2014 to 2018 term?

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Who was the most controversial member of council during the 2014 to 2018 term?

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