POLL: Kingston’s Best Yoga Studio

Kingston's Best Yoga Studio
Kingston’s Best Yoga Studio

Maybe I’m thinking about yoga because I’m still recovering from a huge and delicious Thanksgiving dinner and several days worth of leftovers. Or maybe it’s because I’m a fair-weather cyclist, and now that it’s getting cooler, I’m thinking about ways to stay in shape over the winter. Either way, it’s been a while since we’ve asked you what your favourite yoga studio is, and it’s time for an update!

There are yoga classes offered in many gyms, homes, and public spaces in Kingston and the surrounding areas, and with apologies to the dozens of dedicated yoga teachers in these various locations, we’re focusing only on full-time yoga studios for this poll, otherwise the list would be impractically long and we’d likely omit nearly as many as we include! Likewise, there are quite a few places that offer yoga classes in addition to other forms of exercise or therapy, and we haven’t included them unless yoga is clearly the focus of the business.

So what makes a great yoga studio? Will you go anywhere that your favourite instructor teaches? Maybe you pick your studio based mostly on price and location. Do you like your yoga hot? Suspended in the air? In a large group? Whatever your preference for practicing, we’d like to know your preference for a studio! Let us know in the poll and in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “POLL: Kingston’s Best Yoga Studio

  • In a poll like this, there is no winner. When I think of all the time, energy, money, practice and dedication teachers put in, this poll is insulting. The practice of yoga is the practice of union not division. It is a practice of non-harming and non-judgement. This poll is cultivating preference which is driven by ego, which is the exact thing we seek to overcome. I happily refer students to which ever practice or teacher that meets their needs. I love every teacher, every studio in this town….in this world for that matter. We might all be traveling a slightly different path but the end destination is the same. Namaste.

    • Well said! I totally agree with everything you said, however, I do prefer having a shower available to me after a sweaty practice, which is why I voted for my choice! :)

    • Totally agree!
      I commented on someone’s personal page who had posted the poll and my comment was deleted. :(

  • Amber makes a good point. Try a few diff ones, see who you connect with. Return to a different class even if you didn’t connect the first time. Also Feel and Path have been closed a long time ??

  • To add to the above – this is not inclusive of smaller studios throughout the city. Yoga is about inclusivity.

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