Man arrested, charged for attempted murder of former partner

A local man has been charged after breaking into his ex’s home and choking her to the point of unconsciousness.

According to a press release from Kingston Police, the 48-year-old male entered the victim’s home through an unlocked door at approximately 9:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Jun. 5, 2018. When he found the female victim in her bedroom, the accused began choking her. The victim grabbed a nearby bat and was able to strike her assailant, but the accused took the bat from the victim, struck her with it, and continued to choke her.

The victim’s daughter and a male friend heard her calling for help, but were unable to stop the attack, according to the release. Kingston Police were called, and, upon arrival, officers found the victim unconscious on her bed, the accused still holding her.

The accused male was arrested, taken to Kingston Police Headquarters, and held to attend a bail hearing the following day (Jun. 6). He was charged with breaking and entering, assault with a weapon, attempted murder, and five counts of breach of probation.

The victim regained consciousness and was transported to hospital.

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