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Plan B

…and there will be a Plan “B”, we can be sure of that!  The peer review gave Downtown Kingston a short respite, but The Capitol project will return soon.  It has reappeared determinedly on Facebook. Marketing materials suggest that The Capital condos can be bought as fully serviced investments.  This

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Downtown Shadows

The high-rise buildings Homestead and Capitol propose will cast long shadows, literally and figuratively. Literally, because their neighbours to the West, North and East would be cast into new shadows daily, especially in the winter months when we crave sunshine most, days at their shortest and shadows at their longest.

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What if Kingston…

Last Spring, Waterloo-based IN8 Development unveiled a grand proposal to transform the former Empire Theater on Princess Street into The Capitol, an 18-storey condominium high-rise that has the potential to change the shape of downtown Kingston.  While some argue that the radically modern landmark will erode historic charm, others contend

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