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Kingstonist, Polls, VoteSometimes I like to think of Kingstonist as a garden (of awesomeness), which requires constant care and attention in order for it to grow and ultimately flourish. This goes far beyond the daily grind of pruning content, approving comments and engaging readers via Twitter. From time to time we attempt to fertilize our online plot by way of incorporating new features and engaging content.   Some of the popular additions we’ve made in the past include Kingstonist’s Flickr group, which is now 42 members strong, the Intense Debate commenting system, our community events calendar and the list goes on.  Today I’m pleased to tear open our latest package of seeds, and introduce some new flora to our magical greenhouse.

That drum roll is getting a bit long, so without further ado it gives me great pleasure to unveil Kingstonist’s Weekly Poll.  It’s kind of a no brainer, and to be honest I’m a bit embarrassed that it’s taken us this long to implement.  If you haven’t already noticed it, you will find this feature on the main home page, tucked in between the about us statement and the list of upcoming events.  Our inaugural public opinion poll is as follows:

[poll id=”2″]

While this week’s question is a bit trivial we promise to address real, hard hitting issues that are near and dear to those who are concerned about the future of Limestone City.  A short list of topics we’ll likely tackle in the coming weeks and months include: pedestrian friendly streets, the poker run, bike lanes, the Third Crossing, Kingston’s worst street etc…  If you would like to suggest a topic for one of our future polls, please drop us a line.

Stay on the lookout each and every Monday for a new poll question.  Otherwise, let the voting commence!  Special thanks to Theresa Thompson for today’s photo.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

Harvey Kirkpatrick is Kingstonist's Co-Founder. His features curiously explore urban planning, what if scenarios, the local food scene and notable Kingstonians. Loves playing tourist and listening to rap music. Learn more about Harvey...

11 thoughts on “Kingstonist Goes to the Polls

    • I'm not sure it's about picking a British musician but more about getting someone extremely huge to come to our little arena. I'm pretty impressed. And I don't think dinosaurs get to play with Lady Gaga too often.

      • Agreed. Elton John may not be in the prime time of his career, but I don't think that you can call him a dinosaur….yet. That said, aside from the Grammy performance with Lady Gaga, what has he done lately? Nothing else comes to mind, and I'm too lazy to Google.

        • "What's he done lately?" seriously? he's 63 years old and has released over 30 albums (one of which came out in 2007). He's been playing for fundraisers, making appearances at festivals and producing a Broadway show. He could just be sitting on his pile of money but he's not – he's definitely still out there and relevant.

          • Yeah, but he's still rubbish! He's always been balding middle of the road pub-rock dressed up with a few sequins. He's everything that punk and New Wave rightly set out to destroy, but unfortunately, like a chubby zombie, he just keeps coming back.

            (And my mind still needs bleaching from the awful 'Candle in the Wind' remake. He loved Princess Diana so much he recycled one of his earlier songs as a mawkish parody of grief. It was almost as bad as Puff Daddy's beat-jacking 'I'll be Missing You'…).

            All IMHO of course!

    • He and many others are covered off with the magical, all encompassing "other" option. While I could have added all of the acts as an option, that would have made for one long, format killing poll.

      • I chose "other" to cast my vote for Leonard Cohen – the only act I have paid up to see thus far at the K-Rock Centre.

        While I am certainly not an Elton fan, I would consider going, and I do think that he is quite a coup for Kingston.

  • OK…. I was disappointed to see such a lame question inaugurate your poll .. but glad to hear you will be addressing more important issues ie. pedestrian friendly streets, bike lanes and the third crossing. That being said I am really surprised that the KRC has hosted such big names as Leonard Cohen and Neil Young.. . How about a poll addressing the issue of the horrendous vacancy ratesdowntown .

    • I don't think it really is that lame of a question. I have heard a number of people in various settings talking about Seinfeld and Elton coming to town, and there is definitely some excitement in the air. Hell, I'm impressed, and I have no interest in seeing Seinfeld, and probably wouldn't shell out to go see Elton John for the cheez factor alone.

      It's not like Kingstonist doesn't tackle the more "serious" issues of downtown rents and vacancies, a more pedestrian friendly city, etc…and this poll also provides the opportunity for us to talk about who we might want to see appear on our overpriced stage.

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