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municipal election 2014, online voting, telephone voting, Kingston, OntarioThis year, for the first time, the City of Kingston has implemented online and telephone voting for next week’s municipal election.  The addition of online and phone voting has the potential to make a huge impact on the number of people who cast their ballots.  The convenience of this technology will certainly bring out some of the younger voters, those who find it challenging to get to a voting station for transportation reasons or otherwise, and those who simply can’t be bothered.

While many are singing the praises of online voting, there are also a lot of questions surrounding security and accuracy.  Some fear that the maintenance of ballot secrecy is at risk when voting via personal computer.  There is also the possibility of technical difficulties, including connectivity issues and server crashes that could affect one’s ability to vote, as well as the reliability of the vote recording process.

Taking into the consideration the pros and cons of online and telephone voting, this week, we want to know:

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Online and telephone voting are certainly not new ideas and have been successfully implemented in many cities around the world.  If there are kinks to be sorted, hopefully they have already been noted and back up plans are in place for any potential problems next Monday.  However you choose to vote, the most important thing is to do it.  Have your say and enjoy the fact that you have the right to do so.

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  • I probably would have voted online if it had been available until in person voting day. I want to give as much time to the candidates as possible…

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