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Best Bed and Breakfast in Kingston, OntarioSearching for the best bed and breakfast in Kingston?  According to sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp, Kingston and the surrounding countryside are home to nearly 20 B&Bs operating both year-round and specifically during the peak Summer tourism season.  For a prospective visitor looking to stay at the best bed and breakfast in Kingston, there are almost too many options to consider and no shortage of online reviews to make deciding where to stay confusing.  How much credibility does a poor review stemming from day-old scones really have?  Are freshly pressed bedsheets, four poster beds and the absence of television entirely necessary for B&Bs to earn a 5 star, gold certified, stamp of approval?  Really, it depends on what you’re looking for.

The majority of Kingston residents presumably don’t have a real sense of what local bed and breakfasts look like  beyond their lush gardens and grand entryways.  That said, some households, such as ours, have been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse inside the best bed and breakfasts in Kingston, thanks to in-laws and out of town guests who have frequented almost every B&B in downtown Kingston, the countryside and all parts in between.  These quaint, family-owned and operated establishments have earned sterling reputations thanks to their historic charm, simple amenities, special touches such as afternoon tea and evening socials in the parlor, as well as the homemade creations prepared by in-house chefs.  Considering all of the options you’ve personally experienced, or otherwise checked out thanks to out of town visitors:

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The criteria for what makes the best bed and breakfast in Kingston is ultimately dependent upon the needs and expectations of each guest.  If you want something that’s close to downtown, Queen’s and other walkable points of interest, well known spots such as Hotel Belvedere, Frontenac Club Inn, Secret Garden Inn and The Rosemount Inn & Spa will undoubtedly impress.  However, if it’s an escape from the city you seek, countryside retreats such as All Suites Whitney Manor or Green Woods Inn offer perfect hideaway destinations.  Geography aside, price is definitely a factor to consider, however for the most part, most local B&Bs are comparable and perhaps slightly more expensive than what you might expect to pay at a hotel.  Nevertheless, for those who seek a unique guest experience, local B&Bs will undoubtedly add to a memorable stay in and around Kingston.

Based upon your experience, or anecdotes provided by friends and family who have stayed at local B&Bs, what makes for the best bed and breakfast in Kingston? Drop off your comments below and help us help others searching for the best bed and breakfast in Kingston.

Photo credit to Bill Badzo; pictured is the Hochelaga Inn.

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  • The worst thing about living in Kingston is that I no longer get to stay at the Belvedere, which was such a pleasure when I had to visit in the past.

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