Obituary for Catherine Gonzalez-Prado

Catherine Gonzalez-Prado (nee Buchanan)

Catherine was born in Brooklyn, New York, in November of 1934, to John and Phoebe Buchanan. She died in March of 2024.

Catherine worked in travel and herself traveled extensively. She lived and worked in Hong Kong for a time and on leaving Hong Kong journeyed through Bulgaria, Calcutta, Egypt, England, Germany, India, Iran, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Venezuela, and Yugoslavia.

In the early 1960s Catherine met Carlos, her husband-to-be at the United Nations. Soon after she moved to San Francisco, California, and stayed with his mother, with whom she got on famously.

Catherine and Carlos married in 1962 and they moved to Berkley, California, where he did a degree and she worked part-time at a travel agency. In 1965 they moved to Honolulu where Carlos taught at Chaminade University and Catherine worked part-time at the university.

After a year, both were surprisingly tired of Honolulu and Carlos accepted a position at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Catherine quickly took to Kingston and worked in the Queen’s University Library for fifteen years, enjoying the ambiance and the work itself. Catherine and Carlos enjoyed dining, friends, sharing ideas, and supporting each other’s passions in Kingston, where Catherine amassed an impressive collection of recipes and recipe books.

Things went well in Kingston until December 25, 2023. In mid-afternoon on Christmas Day Catherine fell and broke her hip. Sadly, the fall prompted latent heart and lung problems that would eventually become serious. She spent two months at two hospitals in Kingston before dying on March 5th of 2024.

Catherine is remembered as good-humored and cheerful.  All who knew her lament not only her death, but the nine weeks she endured before dying, after bravely choosing to forego extensive and questionably effective surgical treatment. Catherine leaves her beloved husband Carlos and many friends.

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