Witness intervenes stopping violent domestic attack

Photo by First Response Media.

A quick thinking bystander is to thank for putting an end to a violent attack that took place in Kingston’s west end.

At approximately 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, the female victim and the accused male were in their home when the man became angry after finding out the victim had not done an errand for him. The man began hitting the victim in the head, so she fled the apartment, but he chased her into a stairwell, according to a press release from Kingston Police. The accused man began hitting the victim again, and she crouched down in an attempt to protect herself. A nearby witness yell at the accused man and called 911, at which point the man stopped the attack and left.

Police responded and, while they were on the scene, the accused man returned in a vehicle. He was arrested, and was found to have suspected Percocet and a small bag of suspected methamphetamine when searched.

As police continued to investigated, they discovered previous domestic assaults which had not been reported. In April of this year, the accused man knocked the victim unconscious, and in August he pulled her hair, swatted her face, and pushed her to the floor causing bruising, police said.

The 34-year-old Kingston man is charged with three counts of assault and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

The following is a statement from Kingston Police:

No one has the right to abuse another person. Victims of domestic violence or sexual assault and witnesses are encouraged to contact Kingston Police. The following links offer valuable support services and resources in the Kingston area for victims of domestic and/or sexual violence:

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