When a warning light glows, trust the pros at Gan Chev

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For over 45 years Gan Chev has been a trusted go-to source for all things vehicle maintenance. Photo by Georgette Photography.

Owning a vehicle means routine trips to a mechanic or garage to keep things running smoothly. But knowing when to go – and what your vehicle needs – can be tricky.

Newer vehicles have “warning” lights for every potential issue, right on the dashboard. Every car manufacturer is different and has varying recommendations for things like oil changes and inspections. This is why a trusted mechanic or service centre is important to help extend the life of a vehicle.

Gan Chev has been selling and servicing cars for over 45 years and their staff have the know-how to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Oil changes are often the first thing people think of when “vehicle service” is mentioned. Over the years, the recommendations for when to have oil changes done have shifted. With synthetic oils, vehicles now have the potential to travel 12,000 km before requiring an oil change, and most service centres recommend following the manufacturer’s suggestions.

“We recommend that you follow the oil life monitor on your vehicle, however you should also never go beyond 12,000 km between oil changes when using synthetic oil,” noted Mike Kellam, Operations Manager at Gan Chev. “At that point, the viscosity and cleanliness of the oil will become compromised, and this is the schedule that we recommend to all of our customers.”

While many dealerships or service centres recommend using synthetic oil in vehicle engines, Gan Chev still offers conventional oil changes for customers who prefer it due to the lower costs. When using conventional oils, however, the recommendation for an oil change is every 5,000 km because conventional oil does not last as long as its synthetic counterpart.

At Gan Chev, every vehicle that comes in for service is offered a Multi Point Vehicle Inspection (MVPI), and General Motors requires one every 12,000 km for vehicles still under warranty.

“The MPVI is a complete check on your vehicle, we lubricate any pivot points, rotate the tires, check cabin air filter, inspect the suspension and steering components, wiper blades and breaks and test the battery,” said Bill Hunt, Gan Chev Service Manager. “Even after your warranty has expired, we continue to recommend them as preventive measures and to prolong the life of your vehicle.”

In order to help their customers stay on track with their maintenance schedule, Gan Chev offers free pick up and delivery of their vehicles for all service appointments.

“If you need an oil change done, but cannot make it to the dealership because of work, school, or life, you can request a pick up for your appointment. We can arrange to have our team of drivers pick up your vehicle and return it to you when your service is completed,” Kellam added.

They also provide online quotes and payment options for customers to keep up-to-date with what their vehicle may need, and to pay for the service without having to come into the dealership. This virtual service allows customers to approve service technician recommendations while the vehicle is in the shop, or ask them to wait and book a future appointment.

With a very busy shop, Gan Chev only recommends what each vehicle needs in order to be safe on the road.

“If a customer does not wish to perform suggested maintenance at any given interval, we save those recommendations for their next visit in order to ensure nothing is missed long term,” continued Kellam. “We also provide priorities to the customer if their vehicle needs more than one service or maintenance item. This way, if a customer only has the ability to approve one added maintenance item, they know which item needs to be taken care of first.”

Gan Chev has partnered with Wippy Pay, which allows customers to customize a payment plan to work within their budget. According to the dealership, this payment plan service starts with interest rates as low as 0 per cent, and they have had many customers use this service for new tires, brakes, and other mechanical repairs.

Ready to book that service you’ve been putting off? Visit Gan Chev’s service page to get started.

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