Webinar aims to help business owners navigate government programs

Photo by Kelly Sikkema.

The City of Kingston, in partnership with the Kingston Economic Development Corporation and KPMG LLP, will be conducting a webinar to help small and medium sized businesses navigate government programs related to COVID-19.

The pandemic has forced many of Kingston’s small businesses to take immediate action to protect their staff and their staff customer base, and the webinar will act as an aid for them to look to for questions and support.

“If you’ve never applied for a government program or haven’t done so in a long time, it can be overwhelming especially now when so many are becoming available,” said Desiree Kennedy, Kingston’s Chief Financial Officer and City Treasurer. “By bringing experts from Kingston Economic Development Corporation and KPMG together, we’re hoping to support our business community as they move into the recovery phase.”

The information that will be covered in the webinar will include: current federal and provincial government programs available for businesses, how these programs interact and how to make them work for you, and practical examples to illustrate program criteria and navigation. Attendees are also encouraged to come prepared with questions about the current programs available.

Attendees will be hearing from Jonathan Warren, and Lori Huber from KPMG’s office in Kingston and will be able to ask these Tax and Audit Professionals their questions.

“We know many local businesses are trying to make sense of the various programs. We are happy to help the great businesses of Kingston navigate the federal and provincial government programs to understand how they can benefit from them and be resilient in this new world,” Huber said.

The webinar, titled COVID-19: Navigating our New World, will take place on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 12 p.m. Attendees can register through this link.

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