Wandering piglet rescued from Highway 401

Chad Barrans watches over the piglet after its rescue on Friday, Jul. 15, 2022. Photo by Chantay Hayes.

A piglet that was spotted on the run along Highway 401 near Kingston by many passersby over the course of 12 hours has been rescued, allowing Kingstonians worried about the porcine vagabond to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Reports about the wayward piglet, most of which placed him near the Gardiners Road exit ramp, first started to make the rounds on social media at around 7:30 a.m. on the morning of Friday, Jul. 15, 2022, and sightings continued throughout the day. Several Kingston residents tried to mount rescues of the piglet but were unable to safely do so due to the animal’s skittishness, and so most attempts were abandoned. “I tried to get it but it’s super scared and was running towards the road each time I got close,” said one person who had attempted a rescue.

Wilbur the piglet has a bit of a snooze after his harrowing adventure. Photo by Chantay Hayes.

On Friday evening, however, Chad Barrans was finally able to catch the little rascal, unharmed.

“There were two other ladies there trying to catch him, too,” Barrans noted, but had given up because each time they had tried to grab the pig, it would squeal loudly and escape.

Barrans, from Brockville, was travelling through the Kingston area, having just gotten off work and was on his way to buy a lawnmower when he spotted the piglet. An avid wilderness expert, fisherman, and hunter of fowl, deer and even pigs, in less than 5 minutes Barrans was quickly able to corral the scamp against one of the guard rails, pick it up and safely cajole it into his vehicle. Barrans’ girlfriend, Chantay Hayes, says she’s not surprised at all that Barrans was able to quickly catch the piglet while others had trouble. “He’s my bushman,” Hayes laughed.

Chantay Hayes shows the sanctuary farm that Wilbur will be residing at after he was rescued from Highway 401. Photo by Chantay Hayes.

While the piglet’s origins remain a mystery, its destination is not – as of Saturday morning, Barrans and Hayes were enroute to a sanctuary farm near Kingston. According to Hayes, the sanctuary farm owner had already rescued one other pig from Highway 401 in the past week, in Belleville. At his new home, the piglet, now named Wilbur, will be well-taken care of for the foreseeable future, surrounded by other pig friends, and kept from any more such harrowing adventures.

Some of the new friends Wilbur will now be living with at the sanctuary farm. Photo by Chantay Hayes.

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  • Thank u to everyone that was worried about wilbur and now can relax and enjoy there day with great smiles and good hearts

  • Saved him from the coyotes anyway. Good job to the rescuer, and thanks to the ones that tried.

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