Volunteer with KFPL, Repair Café Kingston to give household items a second life

Image via KFPL.

Every item that goes into a landfill has a cost and an environmental impact. Canada’s waste hierarchy suggests rethinking how we purchase, use, and dispose of items to reduce both.

According to a release from Kingston Frontenac Public Library (KFPL), repair is the second most preferred way to cut down on waste. Now, with KFPL and Repair Café Kingston, you can play an important role in waste reduction in our communities!

Repair It! is a program that brings the community together to empower people so that they can fix broken household items, according to the release. Rather than filling up the landfill, the organizations are connecting people with “fixers” who can teach them how to give their broken lamps and other fixable objects a second life.

“We started Repair Café Kingston five years ago, part of a group of over 2,200 Repair Cafés worldwide who help people save money, materials and the environment,” explained Brian Weir, Director, Repair Café Kingston. “The adaptation to online fixing has been established already — I’ve participated in a Canadian one — and it works! This Kingston venture will be a wonderful thing. It will broaden the scope of repairs a lot with the support of Kingston Frontenac Public Library and you, the public.”

“We are looking forward to helping community members connect with each other to reduce waste,” added Kristen Lemay, Teen and New Adult Services Librarian. “This knowledge exchange will empower people to reconsider what they throw away; with a little bit of patience and advice, that family heirloom could be passed along.”

Do you have the skills to be a fixer? Check out the Volunteering at the Library page to learn how to apply.

With a volunteer team in place, KFPL and Repair Café Kingston will meet over Zoom with people who need a bit of guidance to get through their own repair job. The library said that dates will come in the near future.

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