Predicting Victoria Day Weekend Gas Prices in Kingston

May long weekend, Victoria Day, holiday weekend, gas prices, Kingston, OntarioIt’s the holiday weekend, and like so many others, you’re driving down the highway when the dreaded fuel light comes on. You pull into the next service station, and just as you had feared, the price at the pump has spiked 5 to 10 cents in comparison to earlier on in the week.  Rather than leave your automobile for dead and risk arriving at your final destination late, you begrudgingly pay the inflated bill and go on your merry way.  If life is a highway, I’m not sure we can afford to ride it all night long.  During last month’s Easter long weekend, the cost of gas jumped overnight to $1.35 per litre.  For our traditionally affordable Honda Civic, this put the price to fill up the tank at $50.  With Victoria Day weekend less than two weeks away, you’re guess is as good as mine as to how severely we’ll be gouged at the pump.  Accordingly, this week’s poll asks:
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Aside from the basic supply and demand rhetoric, there always seems to be multiple excuses for unreasonable increases in the price at the pump, specifically those that coincide with long weekends.  For our household, my wife and I don’t rely on our car to get around on most days, however we still feel the pinch when it comes time to fill up.  This has made us scrutinize our travel plans over the course of the summer months, and opt for more local destinations and staycations instead.  Does the cost of gas impact your family road trips?  How much are you honestly willing to pay at the pump, and what’s the price that will make you say “enough is enough”?

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3 thoughts on “Predicting Victoria Day Weekend Gas Prices in Kingston

  • I should also add that we have it pretty good in comparison to other countries. Last month we were in Belize where the cost of gas was reportedly $6/gallon, which translates into about $1.60/litre. European countries such as France, UK and Germany have been paying upwards of $6.50/gallon, which would translate into $1.72/litre. So as much as we can complain about current prices, $1.30 something is a steal in comparison to what others are paying. Even so, it doesn't excuse or explain the knee-jerk increases.

    I see that some people have actually voted that the price will decline/remain at $1.30 per litre. I would love to hear why the folks who voted this way are so optimistic.

  • Surprise, surprise. The price of gas jumped 6 cents overnight. Perhaps the early prediction of $1.50/litre isn’t too far off of the mark. Presently prices in Kingston are trying to push beyond $1.40.

  • We can't believe it's actually gone down! We filled up for $1.30, thinking we were smart, and now it's less than that!

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