Victim of downtown Kingston stabbing identified

The victim of a brutal stabbing in downtown Kingston on Thursday, Sept 12 has been identified as Kingston resident Christopher Barry. He was 40-years-old.

Barry was well-known and actively involved in the Kingston theatre community, including roles in last year’s Domino Theatre production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Murder On The Nile.

His keen talent and love of the performing arts also led him to do work with the Kingston branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, on whose behalf he would often put on puppet shows at local schools, raising awareness for mental health issues.

Barry was also a regular volunteer at Martha’s Table, a Kingston-area food kitchen.

The assailant attacked and stabbed another male in the incident. He was treated by Frontenac Paramedics and was rushed to hospital with serious injuries. His current condition is not known.

Kingston Police have not given a motive for the fatal stabbing, which occurred at the intersection of Queen and Bagot Streets at around 2 p.m. It is not known if the assailant and the victims knew each other. The assailant, a 22-year-old male, was shot by police as he continued to threaten others in the vicinity, and also sustained self-inflicted injuries in the incident. He died on scene. The Special Investigations Unit and Kingston Police are continuing to investigate.

A Celebration Of Life will be held in honour of Chris Barry on Thursday, Sep. 19, at 2 p.m., at The Spire, 82 Sydenham St.

22 thoughts on “Victim of downtown Kingston stabbing identified

  • Another article says the assailant was shot in the leg. I think you should mention that (if it is true) as we all imagine an American type shooting with a number of police producing a hail of bullets.

      • He was shot in the thigh. And he kept coming for more. The officer showed restraint unlike the majority.

  • Meanwhile Bryan Patterson attended ribfest this weekend acting like kingston isn’t full of lunatics

  • So sad that our city is not like it use to be, when you could walk our streets day or night a feel safe.
    I feel pain for all families involved.

  • Rest in peace Christopher you always be remembered for your kindness

  • This occurance is so sad. Not only did we loose an innocent person, a resident of Kingston but we also lost some pride in being a Kingstonian and now feel a lot less safe in our town. We now may feel that it’s not safe even in the daylight to walk our streets. I thought this kind of thing only happens in the bigger towns. eg Toronto or Montreal etc. I now feel that I should now start carrying some kind of protection to keep me safe because I’m getting old. I remember being so proud of Kingston but now not so much. It’s getting scary here. By no means am I critizing our Police. We are blessed to have them. They do a fabulous job. Things are getting out of control more and more.

  • Omg ! This is awful. So unusually for Kingston. My home base is near Kingston. Consider this home . Hugs to the residents there today. And to the family of both men.

  • I highly doubt there was a motive , other than this assailant was just another product of our regressing society . I suspect there will be many , many more violent attacks as the whole of society just keeps getting worse.

  • What a sad & unnecessary loss for his family & friends as well as the Kingston Theatre community. Such a senseless tragedy. My thoughts & prayers are with his family & friends.

  • If Canadians were a to to conceal and Carry this may have been avoided as a citizen in the area could have taken him out before police arrived. this was a tragic evil that could have been avoided if Canadians (besides criminals) could carry guns. By the way liberal’s, you are aware that criminals buy guns from other criminals right?

    • Ridiculous idea! No canada does not need guns like u.s. this is crazy talk..u.s.have massacres occurring every day because of guns..go home to u.s.

    • Well said. So many shop owners were in the area but none were at the ready.

  • Yes, I also heard that he went to kgh hospital asking for help that day and he was turned away! Kingston needs to address the constant mental health issues in this city! They have the facilities but definitely not the professional help that people need !
    Constantly they are turned away and obviously this is the result! So sad for everyone involved!

    • Our system for helping mental health victims is pretty sad the lack of help or education and knowledge of mental health is sad. Someone has to litterly go to the extent of harming someone seriously to even get proper help and then innocent by standard’s are in harm’s way everyday and it’s all around sickning and in this incident the guilty party with the mental issues was less fortunate to get the help needed even in end result. it’s all so very heartbreaking. We need to do something about mental health issues in Ontario period. My thoughts go out to all involved.

  • I knew this guy that did the stabbing very well he was a good friend I believe he may have gotten into bad drugs crystal meth and I believe that’s what made him do this

  • It’s called street drugs folks. Crystal Meth in particular. But heroin & cocaine and oxy etc around too. In abundance. And downtown Kingston riddled with it. From MacDonell & Princess all the way to the lake (skinny tree & bush park behind Tim Hortons/gas station (beside the Wolfe IsIand Ferry dock) bad bad bad. Bike theft and break-ins etc galore. Kingston Street Mission, Community appt building & Peer Support Centre both located near corner where the murder occured. Have seen some bad, scary shit at Martha’s Table while volunteering there too. Something MUST be done. Napanee and Belleville hurting bad too.

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