Utilities Kingston to start pipe improvement

Map of the Kingscourt neighbourhood via Google Maps. The working being carried out by Utilities Kingston in July of 2020 will take place in Kingscourt.

Starting in July, Utilities Kingston will be starting the lining of almost 5,000 metres of sanitary sewer main with a new solution that won’t require digging up neighbourhoods while also creating a “new pipe” within a pipe for a long-lasting solution. 

According to a press release made by Utilities Kingston on Monday, Jul. 6, 2020, Empire Solutions Limited and Insituform Technologies Limited, will be accessing the pipes through maintenance holes instead of digging up the road. They will be doing this work in order to prevent otherwise clean storm water from entering the wastewater system, opening pipe capacity and reducing the risk of localized basement flooding. The work happening in July will take place in the Kingscourt District.

To do this, Utilities Kingston will insert felt soaked resin into the pipe and wait for it to cure, creating a “new pipe within a pipe.”

According to the press release, residents will be notified one to two weeks prior to when the work will begin and then once more 24 to 48 hours in advance. Utilities Kingston workers will not enter residents houses unless there is an emergency. Residents are encouraged to practice social distancing around the Utilities Kingston crews as the work is carried out.

The work will be completed in about six hours and while the resin is curing, there will be a purposeful blockage however, the contractors will take care of that. Residents are encouraged to reduce their waste water as much as possible while the work is being done. 

Here are some tips to reduce wastewater provided by Utilities Kingston: 

  • Use “cottage rules” for flushing
  • Wait to shower, wash clothes or run the dishwasher until they are notified that the work is complete 
  • Delay washing cars 
  • Every little bit like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth counts 

While the work is being done, Utilities Kingston is ensuring safe work practices and are adhering to public health guidelines. 

“At Utilities Kingston, we focus on providing Kingston with safe and reliable utility services,” said Jim Keech, President and CEO of Utilities Kingston. “We are committed to environmentally-sound wastewater collection.” 

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