Utilities Kingston to inspect and rate fire hydrants

Photo by Jessica Foley.


Residents may notice discoloured tap water or reduced water pressure as Utilities Kingston begins its annual fire hydrant inspection and flow-rating program.

The water is still safe during this period, and but the cold water tap should be ran until it is clear.

“We want residents to know that the water is still safe and they are encouraged to flush their pipes until the water is clear,” said Brad Joyce, director of operations for Utilities Kingston.

“Flow-rating requires that we open the hydrant to maximum flow,” Joyce said. “This can reduce water pressure and disturb deposits that normally occur in water mains, possibly discolouring the water that services neighbouring homes and businesses.”

The inspection and rating is being done in support of local fire protection, Utilities Kingston said. Chief Fire Prevention Officer Ted Posadowski explained why this is necessary.

“Ensuring that Kingston’s hydrant water supply is sufficient and available for suppression activities is essential for our firefighters to confidently save lives and protect properties from fire damage,” Posadowski said.

Fire hydrant inspection and flow-rating will take place Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. until October. Maps and information about the program are available at www.UtilitiesKingston.com/Water/HydrantRating.

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