Utilities Kingston rolls out basement flooding prevention programs

Spring is the season of flooded basements and water damage. Utilities Kingston is offering a financial assistance program and a public education program to help prevent basement flooding.

The sun and rain have nearly wiped all traces of snow from Kingston and the area, which can only mean that spring is fast approaching.

With that in mind, Utilities Kingston is once again offering the Preventative Plumbing Program offering financial assistance, as well as the Flood Facts public education campaign. Both of these initiatives aim to help residents prevent basement flooding and sanitary sewer back-ups in their homes and neighbourhoods. 2020 is the ninth year the utility provider has offered these programs.

Our very first Flood Fact is that every neighbourhood is at risk of basement flooding, even if it’s never happened before,” says Jim Miller, Chief Operating Officer for Utilities Kingston. “By offering education and financial assistance, we’re helping our customers adopt preventative measures that will reduce the likelihood of sewage backups and basement flooding in their neighbourhoods.”

Through Utilities Kingston’s 2020 Preventative Plumbing Program, homeowners can get up to $3,000 that can be used to install sump pumps, backwater sanitary valves, and other eligible measures, including the disconnection of illegal plumbing connections. Those who participate in the program will have a free in-home visit to provide advice to reduce the risk of basement flooding.

Since the Preventative Plumbing Program started in 2012, $3 million in financial assistance has helped nearly 2,000 Kingston homeowners, and let to the removal of more than 200 illegal connections to the sanitary sewer.

For more information on the Preventative Plumbing Program, find details and an online application here, email [email protected], or call 913-546-0000.

At the same time, Utilities Kingston wants residents to know their ‘Flood Facts,’ which explain how to reduce the chances of sewer back-ups in their neighbourhoods. Some of the Flood Facts include:

  • Having a plumber regularly inspect your sewer lateral
  • Disposing of kitchen fats, oils and greases (FOGs) in your Green Bin, not down your drain. Find out more about free FOG cups being offered through Utilities Kingston, Kingston Fire and Rescue and the City of Kingston here.
  • Checking your sump pump and sanitary backwater valve for proper operation and following the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.
  • Ensuring your downspouts are clear of debris so water routes safely away.
  • Reducing your use of water on rainy days

For all of Utilities Kingston’s Flood Facts, click here.

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