Utilities Kingston reminds customers that Service Line Warranties of Canada offering is legitimate

Utilities Kingston wants to remind local homeowners that mail offerings from Service Line Warranties of Canada are legitimate.

The local utilities provider entered into an agreement with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) earlier this year. SLWC is a provider of homeowner emergency repairs programs, and participation in the service plans is optional and voluntary.

Many area residents will have already received a reminder from SLWC, which will also include the Utilities Kingston logo. If you’ve not received the reminder, it should be coming soon.

“Residential property owners are responsible for the water service and sewer lines on their private property,” Utilities Kingston said in a press release.

“Optional Exterior Water Service Line Coverage and Exterior Sewer Line Coverage plans from SLWC can help protect Kingston homeowners from potentially expensive repair costs due to breakdowns of major systems inside and/or outside their homes.”

Utilities Kingston underlined that signing up for plans through SLWC is entirely up to the homeowner, and that neither Utilities Kingston nor the City of Kingston extend any sort of warranty with respect to SLWC’s coverage.

SLWC and Utilities Kingston will not go door-to-door or telephone residents to market the plans. Additionally, Utilities Kingston does not receive commission or payment when customers sign up.

Utilities Kingston would also like residents to know that they did not sell or otherwise provide any mailing information. Mailing information was obtained by SLWC through a third party at their cost.

Residential property owners in Kingston can learn more by visiting the website, viewing the SLWC frequently asked questions, or by calling SLWC toll-free at 1-844-616-8444.  

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers from Utilities Kingston about this program.

Who is Sewer Line Warranties of Canada?

  • Service Line Warranties of Canada or SLWC is a private company that provides optional water and/or wastewater warranty plans to homeowners.
  • SLWC is an accredited Better Business Bureau organization that has maintained an A+ rating.

Why was this company selected?

  • Sewer Line Warranties Canada is the only provider to offer such a warranty program in our area.
  • The company is endorsed by the Local Area Services of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.
  • This program is used by over 475 cities, municipalities, and utilities across North America, including over 50 municipalities in Ontario.
  • After researching and consulting with other municipalities with similar programs, Utilities Kingston and SLWC reached a contractual agreement allowing the vendor SLWC to offer the program to Utilities Kingston customers.

Why aren’t we working with a Canadian-based company?

At the time of selection, SLWC was the only company that could provide this type of service to residents in Canada. Anecdotally, we have heard of some Canadian insurance companies that offer a similar insurance-based product.

Why did Utilities Kingston choose to endorse such a program?

  • To provide an optional service to customers who feel they may benefit. Water or sewer line repairs are often unexpected and expensive. In fact, we often hear concerns from customers who are facing large bills for repairs to their privately-owned portion of the water or sewer line. 
  • To educate residential property owners about their responsibilities for the maintenance, repair and replacement of water and sewer service lines (portion from their homes to the property line). Many customers do not understand their obligation to repair and maintain service laterals on private property, at their expense. When a problem with a service line arises, it can be costly to repair and a plan from SLWC offers a possible solution.

The package provided in the mailings is for information only, to help residents make an informed decision. Utilities Kingston does not encourage residents to sign up, nor is there any requirement to do so. The decision is entirely at the discretion of the homeowner. 

Is Utilities Kingston receiving compensation in this arrangement?

As part of this arrangement, Utilities Kingston allows SLWC to use its logo on marketing materials. However, we can assure you that Utilities Kingston does not receive any remuneration, commission, or royalty payment of any kind.

Did Utilities Kingston provide SLWC with customer mailing information?

The protection of privacy is important to us. We did not sell or otherwise provide personal or account information about our customers with SLWC. SLWC purchased from a third party a list of city residents. Utilities Kingston does not control the quality of that service. To be removed from the mailings, you can contact SLWC at 1-866-922-9004.

SLWC pays for all aspects of the program including marketing, customer service and repairs.

Are the warranty plans considered insurance?

The plans are a warranty service plan offered by SLWC as an independent private provider. Although the plans use terms like deductible, coverage and exclusions, the plans are not insurance, but a contract pledge to arrange a contractor to repair your service lines.

Ask your insurance provider if your policy covers repairs to water and sewer line systems. If your policy does not cover water or sewer utility lines, consider the Service Line Warranty program.

To be clear, signing up for these plans is at the discretion of the homeowner. Similarly, signing up for insurance through an insurance company is at the discretion of the homeowner.

How can I stop getting mail from SLWC?

To be removed from future mailings, contact SLWC by calling 1-866-922-9004.

Does this affect my taxes or rates?

This program has no impact on taxes, water rates or sewer rates and there is no payment or revenue generated for Utilities Kingston or the City of Kingston.

Who is responsible for the service lines?

Utilities Kingston (or your utility provider) is responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment up to the ownership demarcation point. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain and repair equipment beyond the ownership demarcation point. Utilities Kingston has prepared some diagrams that illustrate demarcation for typical utility services for residential homes.

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