Utilities Kingston plans improvements to local water, gas, electrical systems

Image of Utilities Kingston’s interactive map showing planned work for 2019.


On Thursday, May 9, 2019, Utilities Kingston announced plans to make improvements to local water, wastewater, gas and electrical systems in 2019-2022 throughout Kingston.

The multi-utility improvements may affect services to certain properties. Residents can use the interactive online map to see the city’s planned work for the spring, summer and fall of 2019.


Water system:

  • Work will continue in the Lawrence Park subdivision to replace 45-year-old municipal water service laterals on Aylmer Crescent and Clark Crescent. This work will improve operating efficiency by reducing system water loss.
  • The Cataraqui Woods Drive watermain extension will continue from Anderson Drive to Centennial Drive. This project helps to support growth and development in Kingston.
  • End-of-life watermain will be replaced in the following areas. This work will ensure the continued reliability of water services:
    • Johnson Street, from Bagot Street to Sydenham Street
    • Stanley Street, from Division Street to Lansdowne Street
    • Oakridge Avenue
    • Gibson Avenue
  • On Ontario Street, from Johnson Street to Market Street, Utilities Kingston will make upgrades and system improvements to water infrastructure.
  • In support of the City’s project to extend John Counter Boulevard, Utilities Kingston will complete watermain construction, in coordination with bridge and road work, from Princess Street to Indian Road.
  • 2019 watermain relining program, which involves relining approximately 3,240 meters of water main, primarily in the residential area of Strathcona Park, and the Sunnyside Road and McIvor Road area.


Gas system:

  • Replacing end-of-life steel gas main with polyethelyne on Daly Street, from Drennan Street to Weller Street, and on Norman Rogers Drive from Bath Road to Roden Street.


Wastewater system:

  • The separation of combined sanitary and storm sewers will take place as follows. This work will help to reduce combined sewer overflows into local waterbodies.
    • College Street (Union Street to Hill street)
    • Napier Street (Hill street to Earl street)
    • Toronto Street (Earl street to Johnson street)
    • Frontenac Street (Earl street to Johnson street)
  • Sanitary sewer cleaning and camera inspection in the following districts: Kingscourt-Rideau, Meadowbrook-Strathcona, and Loyalist-Cataraqui.
  • Twinning the North End Trunk Sewer for improved redundancy and increased capacity, from Queen Mary Road, Greenview Drive to Sherwood Drive, and from Princess Street and Parkway to Portsmouth Avenue.
  • Replacing end-of-life sewermain for the continued reliability of sewer services. This will be completed on Victoria Street and Glengarry Road, and on Portsmouth Avenue, from Glengarry Road to Mohawk Place.
  • Sanitary sewermain construction to support development in the Williamsville area.
  • Construction of the Ravensview Wastewater Treatment Plant Septage Receiving Building.
  • Replacing equipment at the Dalton Avenue sewage pumping booster station, to ensure continued reliability and operating efficiency.
  • Advancing detailed design for the Days Road sewage pumping station, with construction to begin in 2020.


Electricity system:

  • Upgrades to Municipal Substation No. 1, Kingston’s oldest substation, located on Queen Street, will continue to help ensure safe and reliable service to the downtown core. Upgrades in 2019 will include the 5 kV and 44 kV bus protection relays.
  • Other substation work will include new arc-resistant switchgear to improve service reliability and worker safety at Substation MS4, located on Princess Street at Hillendale Avenue, and installing additional hardware at Substation No. 16, on Dalton Avenue, north of the movie theatre, for increased capacity and flexibility.
  • Poles will be replaced on Dalton Avenue (between the movie theatre and St. Remy Place), Patrick Street (between Russell Street and Railway Street), Francis Street, Churchill Street, Victoria Street (between Princess Street and Mack Street), Russell Street (between Patrick Street and Montreal Street), and Old Quarry Road (in backyards).
  • Replacing a failed underground cable on Montreal Street at the CN crossing.


Joint reconstruction:

  • Collingwood Street, from Couper Street to Earl Street, will be reconstructed this year, including water, sewer, gas and electricity infrastructure and roads. To help reduce disruption to residents in the area, this work is being jointly coordinated with the City of Kingston.

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