Utilities Kingston performing annual fire hydrant maintenance

Utilities Kingston. Photo by Lucas Mulder/Kingstonist.

In collaboration with Kingston Fire & Rescue, Utilities Kingston is starting its annual hydrant inspections. This year, over 3,600 hydrants will be inspected, including newly installed hydrants, according to the utility company.

In a media release, dated Wednesday, Jun. 5, 2024, Utilities Kingston stated that licensed water distribution operators will check the mechanical parts for proper operation, assess the overall condition of each hydrant, and perform flushing and flow rating.
“The hydrant inspections ensure our firefighters have the water pressure they need to respond to emergencies while also maintaining the quality of Kingston’s drinking water,” said Chris Leeman, Manager of Water and Wastewater Operations at Utilities Kingston.

Flow rate testing will take place in the following areas: 

  • Zone 4: West of Bayridge Dr, north of Creekford Rd, south of Front Rd, east of Coronation Blvd.
  • Zone 6: South of Johnson St, north of John Counter Blvd, east of Division St, west of Sir John A MacDonald Blvd, including the Strathcona area and lower downtown.
Image via Utilities Kingston.

Utilities Kingston detailed what residents can expect:

  • Reduced water pressure: A brief redirection of water flow during inspections can cause temporary pressure drops, which typically restore quickly.
  • Discoloured water: Flushing may stir up sediment, causing temporary discolouration. Residents can clear the water by running the nearest cold tap to the water meter for 5-25 minutes. 

“Reduced pressure and discoloured water are a normal and temporary consequence of inspections. The water remains safe to drink. If your pressure doesn’t return to normal or discolouration persists, contact Utilities Kingston at 613-546-1181,” the release reads.

As part of the inspection team, Utilities Kingston said it is is proud to employ four summer students who will gain essential skills and experience, reinforcing their commitment to youth employment in Kingston.

For more information about the program, visit UtilitiesKingston.com/Water/Programs/HydrantRating

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