Utilities Kingston offering $100 credit on smart thermostats

Photo by Dan Lefebvre.

If you’re a Utilities Kingston customer and you’ve been considering a smart thermostat, now is the time to make the upgrade.

The utility company is offering a $100 bill credit on the purchase of a smart thermostat to the first 250 eligible customers who apply by Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019. The ‘Save on Energy’ program is offered by Utilities Kingston and Kingston Hydro in collaboration with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), the Crown corporation “responsible for the day-to-day operation of Ontario’s electrical system.” Fifty per cent of the funding for the program will comes from IESO, and the remaining 50 per cent is funded through gas rates.

According to Utilities Kingston, smart thermostats use motion and occupancy sensors, allowing them to automatically adjust temperatures and maximize energy efficiency. Many smart thermostats are also adjustable remotely, and, in order to qualify for the program, customers must purchase a smart thermostat with this feature.

“We want to help our customers save energy. A smart thermostat helps you conserve the energy used to heat or cool your home and saves you money on your biggest home energy cost,” said Caitlin Newey, Conservation Officer for Utilities Kingston, in a press release.

“Getting a smart thermostat is a great step you can take to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Conservation also extends the life of utility infrastructure.”

Utilities Kingston supplied the following directions for residents in order to qualify and apply for the program:

  • Buy and install a smart thermostat that meets the technical requirements.  The program applies to smart thermostats purchased and installed from Oct. 7 to Dec. 31.
  • Complete the online application by Dec. 31 and send proof of payment to Utilities Kingston.
  • If you are eligible, and one of the first 250 to apply, Utilities Kingston will apply a credit of $100 to your utility account.

To qualify, residents must receive both gas and electricity services from Utilities Kingston. To find out more about the technical requirements, terms and conditions, or to apply online, click here.

Editorial note: an earlier version of this article stated that 50 per cent of the funding for this program comes from IESO, and the other 50 per cent is made up from gas and electric rates, as was stated on the Utilities Kingston website. The article has been updated to say the funding is 50 per cent from IESO, and 50 per cent from gas rates only, as per a request from Utilities Kingston, who have also updated their website to reflect this.

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