Utilities Kingston issues safety reminder after partiers seen swinging from utility lines

A party-goer attempts to swing from a power line during Queen’s Homecoming 2019.

Utilities Kingston is issuing a public safety reminder after reports of individuals grabbing and swinging from utility lines during an unsanctioned street party this past weekend. Additionally, Utilities Kingston says a hydro service mast was physically pulled from a house, creating a public safety concern.

“We want the public to be aware of the serious safety risk that was created this past weekend. It could have had a much different outcome,” says Jim Keech, President and CEO of Utilities Kingston. “Interfering with utility lines and equipment can have deadly consequences. Assume any and all utility lines have electricity flowing through them, and stay at least 10 metres away at all times.”

Utilities Kingston urges residents not to turn a party into peril, as tampering with utility equipment can be deadly.

Citizens should assume any utility line has electricity flowing through it, even if it isn’t sparking, or if you think it might be a telecommunications line.

If you see people getting close to utility lines, tell them to stay back 10 metres or 33 feet.

Do not interfere with utility lines and other utility equipment. Tampering with utility equipment can create an immediate safety risk for yourself, the public or utility workers.

Utilities Kingston also reminds residents that you don’t have to touch a high voltage powerline to be injured or killed. Getting too close to a powerline can kill you or cause serious injury. Contact with a residential voltage of 120 volts can be just as lethal as higher voltages.

Always look up and look out for powerlines. Stay off of roof tops, vehicles, and other areas that put you in close proximity to utility lines and equipment.

To report downed powerlines or other utility concerns, call 613-546-1181, 24 hours per day. Residents can get more powerline safety tips at UtilitiesKingston.com.

3 thoughts on “Utilities Kingston issues safety reminder after partiers seen swinging from utility lines

  • I think this should be worded, attention students having in sanctioned street parties: any/all damage to public and private property caused by your actions will result in penalties which could include death if you’re dumb enough to grab, swing or in a way interfere with hydro wires!

  • These parties are getting worse every year, when people start to die, is that when Queens will step in and do something? Maybe, as just a thought, people who cause damage, mischief, nuisances etc during these unruly parties, get expelled from their respective schools, I know Queens students are not the only trouble makers out there on our streets, and if things dont improve (because Queens is already known as a party school) maybe they should lose their accreditation then maybe the parties will stop

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