Unofficial results: Brian Calver is Napanee’s new deputy Mayor

A small crowd of people gathered in front of Greater Napanee Town Hall to await the unofficial results. Photo by Michelle Dorey Forestell/Kingstonist.

It was a tense but efficient election night in Greater Napanee where the next Mayor Terry Richardson had previously been acclaimed. Brian Calver won the Deputy Mayor seat with 2402 votes, 924 votes more than his next closest competitors, John McCormack, who had 1478, and Eric DePoe who had 813.

A small crowd gathered outside Napanee Town Hall waiting to be admitted at 7:55 p.m., as the polls closed. Calver, who waited with a small group of family and supporters, said, “I feel great. It’s about 10 [minutes] to eight [o.m.], so it shouldn’t be too much longer when all the results come in but I feel pretty good. When you’ve got three people running, three candidates as strong as my opposition, it’s anybody’s game… so yeah, you don’t you don’t want to make any assumptions for sure but I feel good.

After the vote count was displayed, Brian Calver (left) called a supporter while his son celebrated by his side. Photo by Michelle Dorey Forestell/Kingstonist.

The other deputy mayoral candidates, though obviously disappointed, were gracious in defeat. John McCormack expressed his gratitude for his supporters, especially his wife. Eric DePoe, said that though disappointed, he was very grateful for the voters who made an ‘x’ next to his name and he plans to continue his work around the town to improve the quality of life of Napaneeans.

Dave Pinnell Jr., who retained his seat in Ward 3, expressed a bit of disappointment with the voter turnout, “It just that, when you look at the number of registered voters and look at the number of people that actually voted, before our system was shut off, [out of] almost 3100 eligible voter voters and just around 1100 voted. But that was with about an hour left to go.”

One other returning councillor, Bob Norrie of Ward 4, was present and all smiles. 

Newly elected councillors were, in Ward 1, Michael Schenk, Ward 2, Angela Hicks, and Ward 5, Bill Martin.

Around 40 people gathered inside the council chambers to await results, including newly acclaimed Mayor Elect, Terry Richardson.  

“A friend of mine once said the electorate was never wrong. I have to agree with them,” said Richardson, who said in the coming days and weeks, the new team at town hall will acclimate, and go through some orientation, “And then we’ll hit the ball running in December.”

“The returning folks, I think they’ve got a good handle on it. For the new folks, I think what’s going to happen is that there’s going to be a learning curve… It’s a good opportunity,” he concluded. “We have a good mix of new and returning people, people that have been here before. So I think we’ll be able to bring the new people up fairly quickly and hit the ground running.”

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