Two charged after violent altercation in Kingscourt neighbourhood

At least nine Kingston Police cruisers, as well as an ambulance with Frontenac Paramedics, filled the area at First Avenue and MacDonnell Street in Kingston’s Kingscourt neighbourhood after a violent altercation took place on the lawn of a nearby residence. Submitted photo.

An incident that saw about 10 police cruisers accompanied by ambulances cram into the roadways at the intersection of First Avenue and MacDonnell Street last week has resulted in charges against two local citizens.

Just after 11:15 p.m. on Thursday, Jun. 22, 2023, those in the Kingscourt neighbourhood reported hearing multiple emergency vehicles descend on the area. Approximately 10 Kingston Police cruisers and vehicles lined the streets in the area, with Frontenac Paramedics blocking part of the roadway alongside police cruisers. Over the course of half an hour, police spoke with those in the area and two people were arrested, according to area residents.

Kingstonist inquired with Kingston Police about the incident the following day, however, it was not until the morning of Tuesday, Jun. 27, 2023, that police provided information, citing that the incident involved a young offender, and therefore many details cannot be shared publicly. Constable Anthony Colangeli, Media Relations Officer for Kingston Police, confirmed that two individuals were indeed arrested on the night of June 22, 2023.

According to Colangeli, officers were dispatched to the Kingscourt neighbourhood after Kingston Police received a report of an altercation in that area.

“On arrival, it was determined two individuals entered a third individual’s residence without invitation,” Colangeli disclosed.

“The three individuals then moved outside to the front lawn of the residence, where an altercation occurred.”

That altercation, it was later determined, involved a weapon in the form of a broken beer bottle, which was used by one of the two suspects to injure the victim. After this, the two suspects fled the area, but were located “a short distance away and subsequently arrested,” according to Kingston Police. Police underscored that, while the victim of the fight was the resident whose home was entered without permission, the dispute did not occur within that residence, and all three parties involved had been outside for a while before the fracas ensued.

The victim was taken to hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The adult suspect was charged with breaking and entering, and the youth suspect was charged with breaking and entering, assault, and assault with a weapon.

While some area residents reported hearing a firearm discharged in the area the same night, Kingston Police said that no reports of such were made to police.

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