Trial date set for man accused of murder in Kingston’s ICH parking lot

Kingstonist file photo.

The trial of Roy Snyder, accused murderer of David Hodgson, has been set for the summer of 2024.

At the Frontenac County Courthouse, the Honourable Graeme Mew presided over his virtual Scheduling/Assignment Court on Friday, Jun. 16, 2023. Snyder appeared before Mew via Zoom from Quinte Detention Centre in Napanee. Snyder stands charged with second-degree murder in the death of David “Jaeger” Hodgson, as well as for possession of a weapon.

Hodgson was stabbed to death in the parking lot of the Integrated Care Hub (ICH) on Montreal Street in the early morning hours of Monday, Jan.10, 2022. The 51-year-old man died soon after the attack, and Snyder was arrested later that day. Both men were known members of the ICH community who sought the services offered there. Following Hodgson’s passing, his daughter spoke publicly about the importance of the ICH in Kingston, praising the services delivered at “The Hub” and the people who provide them. Kingstonians learned a month later that hundreds of overdoses had been reversed through the ICH services; that number reached over 1,500 by May of 2023.

Snyder, wearing a bright orange correctional service-issued T-shirt, appeared clean-shaven, with his dark hair slicked back except for a fringe of dishevelled curls at his temple. He was clearly healthier and more alert during this appearance than he had been at his December 2022 preliminary hearing, when he was suffering from an unknown illness and was seen shivering and wearing a parka in the courtroom. Snyder returned Mew’s greeting with a soft “Good morning, Your Honour.” 

Mary Cremer, Snyder’s defence attorney, appeared on his behalf, also via Zoom, as did Ross Drummond on behalf of the Crown. After some discussion regarding Cremer’s busy schedule, which includes another murder trial in Barrie early next summer, it was decided that the Kingston trial would begin on Monday, Jul. 8, 2024, and last for most of that month.

Snyder’s next court appearance for pretrial motions has been booked for mid-March 2024.

With files from Tori Stafford.

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  • The hub has a function a very important one it is …but I feel the city of kingston made things alot harder by housing these two organisation’s in the same address and building the downstairs injection site is thier for the addicts safety and to try to help the ppl with thirrcaddiction issue ..and are funded based on the numbers using the service…while upstairs is a drop in centre strictly against drug use of any kind so makes things very stressful for staff at both places..and consumers who have enough to deal with and not need to be caught up in this mess

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