401 closed due to multi-vehicle collision, loose cows

Photo via Katie Cripps

The 401 just east of Napanee was closed in both directions for several hours on Friday night following a multi-vehicle collision.

The collision involved a transport and a truck, which was pulling a trailer carrying a herd of cows.

The collision, which according to OPP originally occurred in the eastbound lanes at around 6 p.m., caused the trailer to flip over and several of the cows being transported were let loose. OPP and tow operators were on scene for several hours attempting to herd the animals back together, as they wandered through the median and into nearby fields.

Traffic was backed up for several kilometres in both directions and the closure, which was between County Rd 4 and County Road 5, lasted until all of the cows were rounded up and the involved vehicles were cleared, at around 10 p.m.

While one cow perished in the crash, OPP said there were no human injuries.

17 thoughts on “401 closed due to multi-vehicle collision, loose cows

  • Moooooove over 401 I’m coming through. Mama always said you ain’t going to no slaughter house. Run my babies run!

  • i hope the people involved are not to badly hurt. my prayers are sent to those individuals hurt in the accident and their friends and family. as well as many prayers sent heavenwards for the police,fire, ambulance and tow truck drivers as well as there family’s.

    • The last line of the story literally reads”While one cow perished in the crash, OPP said there were no human injuries.” So there is nobody hurt serious or otherwise. Did you read the story?

  • We were caught up in this, 2.5 hours sitting there.
    At one point a cow ran past our car, which made it entertaining for my kids.

  • Sorry Kingstonist, but MVC is misleading…two trucks – AGAIN – it’s terrifying to drive in this area. I have two children now out driving around with these loaded weapons disguised as vehicles. I’ve lived a lot of places and never been so worried about driving. Something has to change.

    • Completely agree! These big rigs are missiles just waiting to claim more victims because they aren’t trained properly and drive too many hours. Best idea? GET THE TRANSPORTS OFF THE 401, GIVE THEM THEIR OWN LANE AWAY FROM US little guys!

      • Then you will complain that your taxes are going up to pay for a truck only road. Get a grip. These trucks deliver EVERYTHING. including your little car.. No one is pointing fingers at the pickup hauling the cattle, but all truck drivers get painted with the same brush. Shame.

    • Totally agree. Truckers are bullies on these roads. Such aggressive drivers. And I’ve witnessed personally from the passenger seat, half of the truckers we pass are looking at phones in their laps, sometimes so bold as to have the phones propped on the steering wheel. I’ve tried to take pictures. Can’t get a good shot though. Now I take pictures of their truck logo and contact the companies with the license plates.

  • You are on the highway, commuting, to work, or vacation. These truckers, are their making a living, trying to make good time, and meet docking window delivery times, or lose there profits.

    I commuted for over 10 years to Toronto. Truckers sticking to their lanes, On more than one occassion, a trucker saved my life. Just by paying attention. I hand motioned, I was going one way praying they saw my arm signal out the window, in a split second, reaction. Another time, coming home from a company baseball game, an SUV was hinling at me, trying to get me to leave the highway. Three trucks pushed him to exit the next off ramp, after following us,about six off ramps, while they boxed me in, by the third off ramp. Doing this, they prevented the SUV from following me further. I have heard many similar stories, from other drivers. They are trying to make a living.

  • Well given that happened Friday and it’s now Saturday… I’m wondering why your saying it was all cleaned up but yet there is still that dead cow laying in the median???

    • Sonds like mad cows are back in acction.
      Only on the 401.
      In case no boddys got the joke.
      Mad cow disezese.

  • anyone know what the trucks company name was transporting the cattle?

  • I have to say for those trashing the truck drivers if it wasnt for them missing their childs birthday or christmas or missing their 10th year wedding anniversary to make sure the store has the diapers you need and the food you eat. I agree SOME drivers whether it be truck or car, have no business being behind the wheel, lets not paint all with one colour.

  • I have to drive the 401 on a daily basis. I always say a quick prayer first. You have some fantastic truck drivers. They get into the passing lane when I am merging onto the 401. I have run into some very rude truck drivers also. It’s called a passing lane, not a lane to slow everybody down to 84 Km per hour for a good 1/2 an hour. I often drive on the 416 between Prescott and Ottawa. Everybody is going 110-120km per hour. They are respectful and only use the passing lane to either pass or to get over when cars are merging on. The police do not really bother them unless they are being stupid and zingy in and out of traffic that is moving very well. I don’t think it’s the big trucks but everybody that does not follow common respect on the roads.

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