Three men arrested in separate domestic cases within 24 hours

Photo by First Response Media.

Kingston Police reported that three domestic cases have resulted in three respective arrests on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018.

The first such incident began on Saturday, Jul. 28, when the victim received a phone call from a man she’d been in a relationship with for only a month. The man threatened to shoot any new boyfriend who came near the victim, her sister, or her sister’s boyfriend. The victim hung up, but the accused called back multiple times and left harassing messages, according to a press release from Kingston Police.

On Wednesday, Aug. 1, the accused turned himself in at Kingston Police headquarters. The 23-year-old Mississauga man was charged with three counts of uttering threats to cause death, harassment by threatening conduct, and two counts of breach of probation.


The second case, which involved domestic violence, began on Monday, Jul. 30 when the victim went to residence of the accused male at about 3 p.m. and woke him up. The man was grumpy and yelled at the victim and his mother, and the victim decided to leave due to his behaviour, according to police. The victim began packing up her property and the accused grabbed her and begged her to stay. The accused then punched the victim multiple times, causing injury to her eye. When the accused apologized, the victim agreed to stay.

In the early morning of Wednesday, Aug. 1, police responded to the same Portsmouth Village address at approximately 3 a.m. after receiving a report of arguing and smashing dishes. Responding officers met the victim, saw the injury to her eye, and learned of the assault two days earlier.

The 27-year-old accused male was located a few blocks away with another female, and was arrested. The local mane was charged with assault and breach of probation.


The third case, also involving domestic violence, began on Tuesday, Jul. 31. The accused male who lived with the victim suddenly showed up at the victim’s place of work. The victim refused to leave with the man at that time.

When the victim came home afterwards, the accused male was enraged and attacked her. During the course of the violent assault, the accused punched the victim multiple times in the head, put his hands around her neck, and pulled her hair. The man took the victim’s phone, so she was unable to call for help, however, someone passing by the residence called the police at approximately 12:25 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 1.

As the responding officers arrived at the west-end home, the accused male jumped out of a window and onto a second floor roof, and then down to the ground. He then jumped a fence and fled the area, according to Kingston Police.

The victim had serious injuries and was taken to hospital by Frontenac Paramedics.

Investigating officers found that multiple past acts of violence had gone unreported, and that, in 2018 alone, the accused had shoved the victim to the ground, pushed her into a wall, and threatened her.

Police continued to search the area for the accused, and located him riding in a truck at approximately 5:30 a.m. The 54-year-old Kingston man was arrested and charged with four counts of assault, uttering threats to cause bodily harm, and assault causing bodily harm.


Kingston Police have released the following statement:

No one has the right to abuse another person. Victims of domestic violence or sexual assault and witnesses are encouraged to contact Kingston Police. The following links offer valuable support services and resources in the Kingston area for victims of domestic and/or sexual violence:

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