Third annual 5,000 Metres for MRKH Fundraiser coming to Kingston

Photo by Ashley Clark.

Later this month, MRKH Canada will hold its third annual 5,000 Metres for MRKH Fundraiser, an in-person event taking place here in Kingston.

MRKH Canada is currently the only not-for-profit organization dedicated to MRKH in Canada, and on Sunday, Jun. 11, 2023, the organization will be holding a 5K walk/run fundraising event to help them reach their goal of $5,000 to support the organization and upcoming MRKH Conference in September.

MRKH (Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser) Syndrome is a congenital condition that affects the development of the reproductive system in approximately 1 in 5,000 females (46, XX). It causes the underdevelopment or absence of the uterus, cervix and/or vaginal canal and may also impact the kidneys, skeletal system, hearing, heart and mental health. Not many people or even doctors know about the syndrome, which can make it a difficult diagnosis and leave the people who have it feeling ashamed and alone.

“Our goal is to support, empower and educate those with MRKH Syndrome, as well as healthcare providers to improve the patient experience for people with MRKH,” stated Ashley Clark, Founder and Executive Director of MRKH Canada.

Canada’s MRKH Conference is a day of bonding, education and support for people with MRKH, their supporters and medical professionals, according to the organization. They aim to keep the atmosphere positive and supportive and hope everyone walks away from the experience feeling enlightened and empowered.

Attendees to the event can expect prizes, fun icebreaker games, and a whole lot of smiles — though a few tears may be shed as well. Organizers said that while this conference is an amazing experience, it will also bring up a lot of emotions. 

With a goal of raising $5,000, MRKH Canada is currently fundraising for their upcoming MRKH Conference in September 2023 (the only MRKH Conference in Canada), as well as funds to help cover the operating costs they are facing as a newly-incorporated not-for-profit working towards applying for charity status in Canada, according to a release from the organization. 

This 5K fundraising event will be a hybrid event with the option to participate virtually, or in person starting at the INVISTA Centre and walking/running the K&P Trail. Each individual who signs up is encouraged to bring in donations to help the organization reach their goal of raising $5,000 for MRKH Canada to put towards initiatives to support, awareness and resources for people with MRKH and their supporters.

The individual who raises the most money will receive a grand prize, but everyone who contributes will also be entered to win a door prize, MRKH Canada shared.

The organization stated that both the fundraiser and this year’s conference offer a unique opportunity for people with MRKH and their supporters to meet each other in person, something MRKH Canada hasn’t been able to offer before due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’d love for our community to join us at the event or help us spread the word,” Clark said.

Find out more or register for the event here:

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