‘The Woman with Threee Eyes’ wins Awesome Kingston’s May 2024 grant

Adriana Alya Moore, Monique Lee Vassell, Matt Dubblestien, and Morgan Grace Davies at the Awesome Kingston pitch party for May 2024. Photo via Awesome Kingston on Facebook.

Every month, Awesome Kingston awards a $1,000 grant to projects the trustees think will keep Kingston awesome. This month, the micro-grant was awarded to a trio of writers to help get their book The Woman with Threee Eyes out into the community.

The Woman with Threee Eyes is a poetry book written and crafted by three women, together. Adriana Alya Moore, Monique Lee Vassell, and Morgan Grace Davies tell stories of shared human experiences through poetry, as an expression of inevitably and the inescapability of humanness.

According to the trio, within the pages are poems, and within the poems are prayers, dreams, spells, inner workings, cosmic wanderings, and records of the many lives each of them has lived.

Adriana Alya Moore, top, Monique Lee Vassell, middle, and Morgan Grace Davies, bottom. Photo by Quinn Churchill.

In the way their book celebrates the shared experiences of its three writers, those writers responded to Kingstonist’s questions as one.

“Beyond the bindings of the book is a web of connection, our words, the links to the oneness of the human experience. Within this web are readings, ceremonies, circles of creation in music and film and dance and art. Within this web, we are one. This is more than a poetry book. It is a living creation that is still being written,” the women shared with Kingstonist.

Their project prioritizes the concepts of co-creation and community, to curate a space to see each other and to honour the interconnection of all things.

“How can we expect to treat each other, and this earth, with love, gratitude and honour if we cannot see our own selves with that same lens?” Davies reflected in her pitch to Awesome Kingston.

“As someone who has studied community development, I understand that change cannot occur — sustainable change specifically cannot occur — without a transformative and reflective mindset. This book changes our consumption speed, forces us to slow down with intention and consciousness, to move with honour and reflection — which are all teachings that guide a sustainably equitable community.”

The trio takes no ownership of the words, and instead works together to share ideas and create a space of shared experiences, questions and guidance.

“This project, curated by women, sparks curiosity, creativity, consciousness, and connection — the pillars of a community development agenda,” Davies stated.

When asked what they expect readers to take away from the book, the trio stated that The Woman with Threee Eyes is an experience.

“She is more than just a book to pick up and read in one go. We have sewn the honesty of our experiences into her pages. We hope that readers find themselves within her pages. We hope they will find comfort, awe, connection, and so much love. We hope that the spark within them to create is ignited. We hope that they are reminded that we are in this together,” they shared.

The book is written and “patiently awaiting to be held,” the writers noted.

“We feel it will never be finished, it will take many forms in itself, as it is interpreted in different eyes, read beside different bodies of human and water, and rests on the bookshelves of different homes — she will be moving, learning, expanding, aging, and changing as long as she is supposed to — The Woman With Threee Eyes is written but not finished.”

The women plan to self-publish the book to retain complete creative freedom “from conception to birth,” and the money from Awesome Kingston will help cover the printing costs of the initial order.

“We thank the generous and open-hearted members of Awesome Kingston,” the writers expressed.

When asked how the public can further support this project, the trio said the support is in the welcoming, the listening, and the curiosity.

“If you have a space that we can connect to sell the physical book or are interested in hosting a shared space for our words to be heard — if you feel called to connect with us in any way, we want you to honour that inner calling!”

The writers shared that The Woman with Threee Eyes is on track to be printed and available for purchase by the Summer Solstice (Thursday, Jun. 20, 2024).

A website for the book is coming, and in the meantime, the writers can be reached at [email protected].

Learn more about Awesome Kingston on the organization’s website.

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