Super Nerds vs the Wolfe Island Corn Maze

Wolfe Island Corn Maze, OntarioSuper Nerd Party is a Kingston-based youth group founded on technology, optimism, and friendship.  As the Captain of SNP, it is often a challenge to host new events that will please our members.  For nearly two years we have focused on hosting computer gaming parties across the Limestone City.  This year, thanks to steady growth and keen interest within our group, we are embracing different activities.  To kick things off before school gets in the way, Super Nerd Party decided to check out the infamous Wolfe Island Corn Maze.  Admittedly, we employed barely any technology in the Corn Maze; unless you count trying to cheat with Google Earth, or measuring distance and routes travelled via hand held GPS.

The hosts of the Corn Maze offer several ways to enjoy the challenge.  Participants may rent walkie-talkies and flashlights, and attempt the maze individually, or in separate groups.  The latter was the option we selected, however we used our own flashlights at no extra charge.  My group entered the maze first, which was about two minutes before the others, while we all finished approximately one hour later.  After a well deserved rest on some hay stacks and conversations around the camp fire, we re-entered the maze for our second attempt of the evening.  Funny as it may seem, although we initially arrived alongside a group of 30 other teens, we never met up with them in the fourteen-acre field.

Just prior to our second attempt, we were warned of potential encounters with skunks, and advised to clap our hands to scare them away.   While nighttime and private parties must be booked in advance, aside from skunks, there are many other options to ensure that your outing is an adventure.  From horse-drawn waggon rides, BBQs, and even a petting zoo, there’s no shortage of things to keep you entertained.  I should also point out that admission to the Corn Maze is very reasonable, while group rates are also available.

We made our way back to the Wolfe Island Ferry terminal just in time to catch the 8:30 boat back to the mainland.  The return trip was dreamy under the reflection of the moon on the pitch black water.  As we got closer to Kingston, it was as though the water was painted with the cities colourful skyline.  It was a true sight to behold, and it provided the Super Nerd Party with a soothing conclusion to an otherwise boisterous, and action-packed evening.

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  • I am shy to admit that have never attempted a Corn Maze, but after reading up on your experience, I don’t think I can put it off much longer. Perhaps I’ll be able to convince my friends to devote an entire evening to the corn maze, Fort Fright, and a Haunted Walk! That would make for one epic outing!

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