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the Rideau Trail, hiking in Kingston, OntarioWords cannot describe the busy month that I’ve been having. With a massive project wrapping up today, it looks as though all of the hard work paid off.  Although the weeks ahead are bound to be just as challenging, I’m way too excited about launching into Summer to care at the moment.  Our plans for the long weekend include a day trip to catch up with friends, transplanting our veggies into the garden, as well as our first outing to the local Drive-In.  In addition to all the work and play, I’m hoping to take in some new experiences around the Limestone City in the near future.  From the Haunted Walk to Fort Henry, Door’s Open Kingston and as seen in today’s photo, the Rideau Trail, there’s a lot to see and do locally.  What path will you be taking over the course of the May two-four?  Wherever you end up, I’d really appreciate it if you’d consider sharing some of your long-weekend photos via Kingstonist’s Flickr Group.  Speaking of which, sincere thanks go out to R.Vidal for today’s photo.

Drive safe.  Drink responsibly. Swim with a buddy.  And don’t forget to bring a towel.

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