Talented BMX riders descend on Kingston for Limestone National BMX Race

Photo by Nicolas Picard.

This weekend, the world of BMX racing comes to Kingston for the Limestone National BMX Race. The Kingston BMX Club (KBMX) is hosting this three-day event at 1180 Woodbine Road that promises “heart-pounding action and adrenaline-fuelled excitement” to participants and spectators alike.

According to a release from Tourism Kingston, BMX racing is renowned for its intense competition, and from the moment the starting gate drops, up to eight racers will propel themselves at full speed toward the first obstacle. “The combination of big jumps, steep backsides, deep turns, and challenging downhill sections creates a thrilling experience that pushes racers to reach massive speeds, all while defying gravity to soar through the air,” the organization stated.

This year’s Limestone National BMX Race brings together some of the most talented riders from across Canada and the U.S., competing in various age categories and skill levels. According to the release, the event serves as a platform for racers to showcase their incredible skills, determination, and love for the sport, captivating audiences with awe-inspiring displays of athleticism and precision.

KBMX said they are thrilled to be hosting this prestigious national event, which demonstrates their commitment to fostering an active and vibrant community. “The Limestone National BMX Race not only showcases our city’s excellent sporting facilities but also highlights our dedication to promoting healthy and active lifestyles among our residents,” KBMX said.

The Kingston BMX organization is completely run by volunteers. From the meticulous maintenance of the race track to coaching the riders and even repairing bikes, every aspect of KBMX’s operations are driven by the passion and commitment of volunteers, according to the organization.  

Tourism Kingston noted that the Limestone National BMX Race is expected to draw a significant number of visitors to Kingston, providing an economic boost to local businesses and showcasing the city as a premier destination for sporting events. 

The events take place from June 23 to 25, 2023, and everyone is invited to witness the thrilling world of BMX racing. See the Kingston BMX site for race schedules.

For more information, visit KBMX on Facebook Kingston BMX and Instagram @kingstononbmx

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