Sulphuric odours in Amherstview result of wind, heavy rain

Image by Logan Cadue.

Heavy winds, followed by even heavier rains, have caused stirring of the sewage at the local treatment facility, according to Loyalist Fire. This unfortunate churning has led to sulphuric odours drifting through the area, which have been misinterpreted as possible gas leaks.

According to a notice from Loyalist Township on Twitter, “the odour noticed is from the Amherstview sewage plant and is due to high levels of rainfall + fluctuating temperatures. This poses no danger to the public.”

The Township also urged residents to continue to report suspected gas leaks. “If a gas leak is suspected, we encourage you to report it to Emergency Services by calling 911,” the notice continued.

On Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2022, the Township released a Water Safety Statement, due to the storm system, which was approaching the area and has since departed. The predicted rainfall was 30 to 50 mm, which was expected to cause unsafe ice conditions and, “may also cause roadway ponding, which may be especially problematic in urban areas where storm drains and catchbasins are blocked by ice and snow,” the statement read.

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